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Carving a Ring-necked Pheasant miniature Step 14

March 19, 2012

Glue the legs to the pheasant using 5 minute epoxy glue.

After the glue has set the legs in place you can build up and blend the legs to the body using wood epoxy putty

Allow to epoxy to set.

You are ready to prepare for painting.


Carving a Ring-necked Pheasant miniature Step 13

March 18, 2012

The toes and legs can be built up using Quick Wood Epoxy Putty. It is easier to build up the toes and lower legs before attaching them to the carving. While the Wood Epoxy Putty is setting up it is possible to add texture to the toe and leg using a dental tool.

Carving a Ring-necked Pheasant Miniature Step 12

March 17, 2012

add the spur toe. It measures 1/2″ in  length(including the nail)

Placed 1/2″ above and inline with rear toe

Carving a Ring-necked Pheasant miniature Step 11

March 5, 2012

for making feet use 1/8″ brass rod and copper wire glued together using 5 minute epoxy glue

Cut the brass rod in two different lengths of 1 3/4″ and  1 1/4″

The nail is created by bending the end of the copper wire, peening the wire flat and shaping it using a file or grinder


The copper wire is used for making toes for each leg – 3 front toes(including nail) are 3/4″. 1 back toe(including nail) is 5/8″ and the spur is 1/2″.

To connect the toes to the supporting leg

place a piece of paper on the base and push the 1 3/4′ brass rod through the paper into a pre-drilled 1/8″ hole which is 1/2″ deep.

Tape the toes in place on the paper so the ends contact the leg. The toes will follow the contour of the base.

Mix the 5 minute glue and allow it to start to set up before applying it to the toe to leg joint. When first mixed, 5 minute epoxy is very liquid and if applied to soon will run. After 2 minutes of mixing it will start to set and this is when you can apply it to the joint using a tooth pick. At this stage you are wanting to have all parts connected. The building of stregth in the joint will take several applications of glue and is easier to do with the leg removed from the base.

Remove the leg by cutting the tape on either side of the toe with an sharp knife. you can then further build up the strength of the bond between the toe and leg.

For the raised leg

Tape the toes to a piece a paper so the ends meet. Note they are not spread out as they were for the other foot. Apply the 5 minute epoxy the same way as the other foot. The final step is to hold the 1 1/4″ brass in line on top as the epoxy sets. Remove the foot from the paper by cutting the tape. At this time you are still able to mold toes so they are looking relaxexed. Once you have them shaped you can add enough epoxy needed to strenghten the joint

Once the epoxy has fully set the joint on both legs will be very rigid.